What People Say About CRLP

After many years of service in San Diego, the CRLP has worked with many teachers and teacher-leaders, helping them to improve their classrooms' reading skills. Below are testimonials of some former participants in the CRLP programs.  

"I have been teaching for 20 something years and this is the year that I think my teaching has grown the most because of the CRLP training and my students have reached the highest reading levels that they have in all the years I have been teaching kindergarten, and I think that is a direct result of the training I have gotten from CRLP. .  . All teachers need this.”                                                      

Chollas-Mead Teacher

“This is definitely the best training I have had in many, many years.  I have learned so much from this as a teacher and I think my students have really benefitted from it.“

Johnson Elementary Teacher

“I’m taking away a deeper understanding of phonics and what it means to be a good teacher of that . . . We talk a lot with comprehension about how to support students especially with second-language learners getting them prepared to work through text.”

Horton Teacher

“The training has helped me wrap my mind around teaching reading lessons. . . It gives us a whole new way of designing our lessons . . . I could see that the kids were more engaged . . . They were more aware of what their purpose was in reading.  It is something I plan to use in the classroom from now on.” 

Chollas-Mead Teacher   

“This series was helpful in focusing my attention on what I do and what I need to help students access content.  This is probably the first time [after] a workshop I feel equipped to differentiate so that even beginning language learners can access text.”                                                                                               

High School Teacher