Content Area Language and Literacy for Academic Success in Middle and High School (CALL)

call-for-web.jpgCA Common Core State Standards require an integrated, interdisciplinary model of literacy that reflects the reciprocal relationship between the language arts and content knowledge (CA ELA/ELD Framework, 2014). The end goal is for students to independently comprehend complex texts across a range of types and disciplines in order to build strong content knowledge.

  • CALL offers middle and high school content teachers practical, research-based instructional routines that help students access and engage with a variety of complex text across content areas
  • CALL provides teachers instructional routines that make challenging text accessible, relevant, and comprehensible to all students, including English learners
  • CALL promotes reading independence as students learn to systematically employ the reading comprehension routines implemented and modeled by their teachers

CRLP Signature Professional Learning Programs meets criteria for professional learning in LCFF, and ESEA’s High-Quality Professional Development for Title I, III, V and VII, Part A; and for Title II, Part A and B.