CRLP Results

CRLP Results: Word Recognition and Fluency

Supporting Implementation of the Common Core State Standards: Foundational Skills (K-5)

The CCSS Foundational Skills are critical prerequisites for reading comprehension.  Skills such as the ability to decode words accurately, quickly, and easily have a direct impact on students’ reading comprehension. CRLP Results: Word Recognition and Fluency provides professional development on the Foundational Skills students need to learn, when they need to be covered within an overall scope and sequence, and how instruction might be approached. This institute also emphasizes why these skills must be learned, when the optimal time is to teach these skills, and how to do so. CRLP Results: Word Recognition and Fluency is designed specifically to make sure all students are successful readers.

CRLP Results

Institute Outcomes:

  • Understand the CRLP Literacy Framework for Assessment and Instruction and its relationship to the Common Core Foundational Skills.
  • Understand the content of the four components of the CCSS Foundational Skills and their importance in learning to read and spell. 
  • Know how to administer and interpret assessments of letter name knowledge, phonological awareness, phonics, and high frequency irregular sight words.
  • Summarize and integrate assessments and use the results to (a) place students in one of four word recognition levels of learning to read and (b) determine an instructional sequence through the remaining word recognition levels using State adopted reading programs.
  • Enhance and differentiate word recognition/spelling strategy instruction by planning and preparing to teach tier 1 & 2 MTSS lessons and/or instructional routines using State adopted core programs.
  • Understand three kinds of beginning reading materials, how their leveling systems differ, and when they are appropriate to use.

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