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Systematic Language Development


Essential to any school or district plan for increasing the academic achievement of English learners is a coherent approach for developing proficiency in English. This must include attention to language support for content instruction (such as frontloading language along with sheltered instruction) and a plan for providing instruction in English as its own subject of study: Systematic English Language Development.

The Focused Approach to Systematic ELD Instruction, A Handbook for K-6 Teachers is a detailed framework for designing an ELD program that teaches and practices the vocabulary and grammatical forms of English for a wide range of purposes at each level of proficiency, based on the California ELD Standards.

Institute Purpose

The purpose of this institute is to build the capacity of district and site teacher leaders and administrator to provide professional development and guidance in the area of Systematic ELD. Participants will learn to use A Focused Approach to teaching Systematic ELD, K-6 handbook to plan robust instruction following a strategic scope and sequence. Participants also will learn to provide support to teachers through coaching, facilitated team meetings, and analysis of student work and other data.

Participants will learn to use A Focused Approach to Systematic ELD Handbook to plan strategic and systematic instruction that maximizes the use of existing ELD materials.

Content & Outcomes

Through presentation, reading, small group interaction, and large group sharing, participants will:

  • Understand the instructional implications of the distinction between teaching in English and effectively teaching English as a second language
  • Learn a framework for how to plan, teach, and monitor ELD instruction at each level of English proficiency
  • Build a repertoire of instructional routines for teaching and providing structured opportunities for oral and written language practice
  • Learn to administer the Express Placement Assessment
  • Participate in collaborative planning using a cycle of inquiry