Sarah Peterson

California Reading & Literature Project

Regional Director

Sarah Peterson is the Regional Director of the California Reading and Literature Project. Also an employee of the National School District (NSD), she serves as a District Literacy Resource Teacher, supporting NSD educators in implementing the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy.  Prior to becoming the Director, Sarah was a second grade teacher at Ira Harbison Elementary School in NSD as well as a long-time Support Provider for Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA).  After earning her M.Ed. and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with a Bilingual CLAD Emphasis (Spanish) from UC San Diego, Sarah developed her capacity for teaching early literacy and working with English Learners in diverse instructional contexts (late-exit bilingual education, early-exit bilingual education, structured English immersion) and grade levels.

Sarah first became involved with CRLP UC San Diego after attending a Teacher Leadership Invitational in 2011.  Soon after her first Invitational, Sarah completed CRLP Results: Academic Language and Literacy Instruction (RALLI) training and observed growth in her students’ oral, written, and reading achievement.  Now the Regional Director, Sarah is an example of how the California Reading and Literature Project cultivates sustained teacher leadership development.

Sarah resides in the Kensington area of San Diego in a 105-year-old Craftsman bungalow with her husband, 3 year old daughter,  5 year old son, and second cousin. She adores watching historical dramas (VictoriaThe CrownDowntown Abbey) training for and running half marathons, embarking on family road trips, and reading notable works of dystopian literature.

Clarissa White

California Reading & Literature Project

Program Manager/ CREATE HR Manager


Clarissa White is the Program and Logistics Manager that runs the day to day front end administrative logistics of the California Reading and Literature Project. She has been with the California Reading and Literature Project since November of 2018, but with UC San Diego since 2005. Clarissa’s worked in both academic affairs and student affairs along side staff, faculty, undergraduates and graduates. She finds her career to be the most rewarding with now being able to work along side K-12 teachers and students.

Clarissa resides in northern San Diego with her three sons. When she is not working, she is sitting in the stands at one of the many extracurricular youth/club and/or high school sporting events cheering on her sons. She also volunteers as a youth cheer coach and a high school assistant cheer coach as a way of giving back and mentoring the youth in the community. She is all for “ME” time and self-care, and she sneaks as much of it as she can into her already busy schedule. Her latest joy has been finding time to binge watch the latest Netflix shows, sitting on the beach to catch the sunsets, decorating or reorganizing, hanging with her friends and reading a good book.