Teacher Leadership

We train and develop teacher leaders to facilitate our professional learning programs

Learning Together

There is no substitute for the authentic voice and experience of a fellow colleague. We believe, and the research shows, that teachers are most successful when they are learning from other teachers. This is why the CRLP is committed to training and developing a corps of Teacher Leaders to facilitate our professional development programs.

CRLP Teacher Leaders can speak to how they have integrated our professional development content into their own teaching practice, bridging cutting edge educational research with effective classroom teaching strategies and routines. This expert knowledge, coupled with additional leadership training, allows each Teacher Leader to deliver our content with confidence and build instant rapport with participants.

Teachers learning together at a conference table
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Teachers receiving personalized instruction during a CRLP training event

Teachers as leaders, teachers as learners

Teacher Leaders have the opportunity to engage in various forms of learning, which help them to strengthen their own educational knowledge and skills, often resulting in the transfer of knowledge to colleagues and peers

CRLP Teacher Leaders are committed to learning and self-improvement. We actively cultivate our Teacher Leader learning community through a variety of opportunities:

  • Hosting a “flagship” Teacher Leadership Invitational three times a year.
  • Offering peer coaching cycles and opportunities for self-reflection.
  • Providing book club(s) on educational topics and/or leadership development.
  • Sponsoring attendance at local and statewide conferences (CTA, CABE, SDUSD and UCSD).
  • Facilitating local study sessions on updated statewide Guidelines, Standards, and Frameworks.
  • Providing opportunities to present CRLP content to educators in the community.

Who are the CRLP Teacher Leaders?

Our Teacher Leaders are a diverse group of educators representing schools across San Diego County. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, and hold a variety of positions in the field, including:

  • PreK-12 classroom teachers (English and Bilingual)
  • Literacy Coaches and Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSAs)
  • District and School Site Administrators
  • University Faculty

"I love feeling re-energized from colleagues. It's a different type of restart for me compared to when try to practice self-care and reenergize myself."

Teacher Leader, CRLP San Diego

"The CRLP Community is a place where I feel trust every time we connect."

Teacher Leader, CRLP San Diego

The benefits of becoming a teacher leader

You will become part of a supportive community of like-minded educators from around the county who will expand your thinking and perspective.

You will belong to a statewide network of Teacher Leaders who are ambassadors for best teaching practices.

You will learn to effectively advocate for English Learners and district/school funding priorities.

You will learn the most current, research based literacy practices, as well as gain the tools necessary to facilitate your peers’ learning in these areas.

Your participation will positively impact your students’ learning, your grade-level/department, and your entire school community.

Other tangible benefits include:

  • Membership in the statewide CRLP learning community of professional educators
  • High quality professional learning opportunities on current educational research and policy
  • The knowledge, skills, and tools to potentially present and coach CRLP signature programs (with compensation)
  • Professional resources, a network of professional contacts, and a shared enthusiasm for teaching and learning.

Become a Teacher Leader

If you are interested in becoming a Teacher Leader we want to hear from you! Fill out our contact form or reach out to Sarah to learn more about this incredible opportunity.