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The CRLP offers a variety of Signature Programs to support the growth and development of teachers across the county

Signature Programs

Created through a partnership between teachers, educational practitioners, and University of California faculty, these programs offer practical instructional routines and tools for teachers to support K-12 students' academic language and literacy development. CRLP Signature Professional Learning Programs meet criteria for professional learning in LCFF, and ESEA’s High-Quality Professional Development for Title I, III, V and VII, Part A; and for Title II, Part A and B.


A developmental English proficiency test for grades K-8.


Content area language and literacy for academic success.

Engaging ELs

Unpacking and implementing California's new ELD standards for grades K-12.


Learning how English works: unpacking and implementing Part II of the California ELD Standards.


Results for reading comprehension: effective reading comprehension instruction.


Foundational skills for teaching word recognition and fluency.


Spanish-English biliteracy transfer, 2nd Edition.

How CRLP Signature Programs Work

Signature Programs are facilitated through a collaborative partnership with a school or district. Once a partnership has been established, we will work with you and your team of teachers to customize our program content in a way that meets your school or district's needs and goals. Programs will be scheduled around your team's calendar, and can be held through an online platform, or at your school-site (COVID-19 regulations permitting). We understand the importance of culture and connection. We will select the best teacher leaders for your team of educators. These leaders will not only deliver content, but will help your team practice what they've learned and use their newly acquired knowledge create real change in their classrooms. 

Programming Update - September 6, 2023

While we will continue to offer all of our Signature professional development and specialty workshop sessions via virtual/online learning platforms (Canvas, Zoom, etc.), throughout the remainder of 2022 we will begin to once again offer in person training/PD sessions for some of our events. Please reach out to us if you would like to request an in-person training.

Bring a CRLP Signature Program to your school

CRLP is excited to partner with your school or district to deliver one of our Signature Professional Learning Programs! If you are interested in learning more, or have additional questions, contact us to start a conversation.