A developmental English proficiency test for grades K-8


ADEPT is a progress monitoring assessment that helps elementary and middle school teachers identify an English Learners’ strengths and areas for growth.

The assessment is shared as part of a full-day institute with the CRLP. The first half of the day offers an in-depth understanding of the research basis and structure of ADEPT. The second portion of the training is dedicated time for participants to practice administration of ADEPT with feedback. Guided by a research-based developmental sequence of English Language development, ADEPT is most often used as a tool for understanding English learners’ language needs for Integrated/Designated ELD. ADEPT institutes are facilitated by elementary and secondary classroom teachers who have demonstrated success with using ADEPT and can readily speak to the instructional implications of ADEPT results.

Photograph of CRLP ADEPT program handbook

What you will learn

  • How to use ADEPT as a tool to gain critical insight into a student’s language abilities.
  • Progress monitoring skills to use with students who are developing English proficiency.

Program highlights

  • Instruction from current classroom teachers who are past participants and current practitioners of ADEPT.
  • Opportunities to role-play assessment administration.
  • Personalized assistance for reading specialists, ELD specialists, and educational support teams.

Is ADEPT for me?

ADEPT will help any educator of English Learners hone their scaffolding skills in both subject-matter and Integrated/Designated ELD instruction. Learning why ADEPT works and how to administer it is particularly beneficial for educators who are working to:

  • Accelerate English Language learner reclassification rates
  • Improve ELPAC proficiency, especially for students designated as “Expanding”
  • Strategically target short- and long- term English Learners
  • Augment their Title I, III, V, and VII plan
  • Onboard teachers new to teaching K-8

Bring ADEPT to your school

CRLP will partner with your school or district to offer the ADEPT program on site at a mutually agreed upon date and time. If you are interested in bringing ADEPT to your school or district, or have additional questions, contact us to start a conversation.