Foundational skills for teaching word recognition and fluency

About Results

Results is a multi-day program that empowers K-5 classroom teachers with the knowledge and skills needed for teaching beginning reading.

The Results program offers an in-depth understanding of the four major components of reading foundational skills: print concepts, phonological awareness, word recognition, and fluency. Grounded in current research, Results teaches best practices in reading instruction, provides routines that will help students master Common Core State Standards, and offers assessments for determining students' reading proficiency. The Results program is taught by current classroom teachers who have demonstrated success in their classrooms and have been trained in the Results approach to literacy.

Photo of Results handbook cover

What you will learn

  • Best practices in early reading instruction.
  • Instructional routines for teaching reading at your grade level.
  • How to assess and measure your students' growth in reading.
  • Specialized knowledge to support your work with students from underserved communities.

Program highlights

  • Instruction from current classroom teachers who are past participants of the Results program.
  • Opportunities to role-play instructional routines and assessments.
  • In-class coaching to support integration of routines and assessments.
  • Personalized assistance for reading specialists and educational support teams.

Is RESULTS for me?

The Results program can help any teacher hone their knowledge and skills in reading instruction and assessment. Results is particularly beneficial for schools who are working to:

  • Accelerate student reading proficiency
  • Augment their Title I plan
  • Support English language learners
  • Onboard teachers new to teaching in grades K-5

What educators are saying about RESULTS

"I have a deeper understanding of phonics, the importance of attentive observation (mouth position, native language, inflection...) and truly appreciate the opportunity to practice with our team"

"I better understand why we have students who struggle to learn how to read in English when it is their second or even third language."

"English phonics is complicated, with all the generalizations and exceptions, and so giving students grace and modeling the thought process that goes into word recognition is essential."

Bring Results to your school

CRLP will partner with your school or district to offer the Results program on site at a mutually agreed upon date and time. If you are interested in bringing Results to your school or district, or have additional questions, contact us to start a conversation.